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What is VI Helpeks

VI Helpeks is a tool for documenting National Instruments LabVIEW VIs. It includes generator of help files in the HTML and CHM formats and VI documentation editor, which both are integrated into LabVIEW development environment.

The VI Helpeks help generator is a project based utility that creates help files for VIs and Palettes in the style of LabVIEW help. Parameters for help generation are defined in a VI Helpeks project where you configure details of resulting help. VI Helpeks project file can be added to a LabVIEW project and easily opened from the LabVIEW Project Explorer, as well as from Windows Explorer.

The VI Documentation utility is convenient tool for editing VI documentation properties. By selecting "Tools>>VI Helpeks>>VI Documentation" menu of a VI you can review and edit description of the VI and all it's controls and indicators, VI icon, VI help path, control captions, etc.

Why you need VI Helpeks
When you do programming in LabVIEW, you often need help on VIs and functions you use. VIs coming with LabVIEW have nice help but what about help for VIs you create? If you are only a user of your VIs, it may be not a matter. However, if you develop VIs to be shared with other developers, you have to provide them with documentation on use. Would you like your VIs have help similar to LabVIEW VIs? VI Helpeks will help you.

VI Helpeks is utility to build HTML help for VIs and Palettes in style of LabVIEW Help. For example, VI help contains connector pane image with hotspots on terminals and description for the VI, VI terminal controls and indicators, values for enumerated datatypes, etc.

Easy in use: You might create first help for your VIs very easy, just specify desired VIs and start building. All information required will be obtained from the VIs. If any information is missed in a VI (e.g. VI or control description) or you want to alter it in the help, you can define it manually.

Powerful: You can influence on almost all details in generated help. For example, you can define description for every VI control including a member of hierarchical datatype; for an enumerated datatype, you can define description for every value. A few utilities assist you in navigation through these details and making proper configuration. One more feature is ability to arrange VIs to groups and define group rules for building help.


Available on LabVIEW Tools Network


Current Release

VI Helpeks 2.0.2

September 14, 2015


LabVIEW 2011 or later
(32 or 64 bit)
Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)



Key Features
  • Creates help for VIs and Palettes in the LabVIEW Help style
  • Generates help in HTML or Compiled HTML (CHM) format
  • Automatically generates help on the basis of information gathered from VIs
  • Allows to customize help content and appearance
  • Allows to embed external HTML and image files to your help
  • Modern GUI integrated into LabVIEW Development Environment
  • Convenient utility for editing VI documentation properties
  • Easy for beginners and powerful for skilled



VI Helpeks Main Window





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