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C.P.S. develops an acquisition system for avionic area that allows customer to create script in C-style code inside a LabVIEW application using CalcExpress Toolkit. The software allows user to configure and to link script variables to analog and digital channels of the generic NI acquisition device. This flexibility allows to personalize the software behavior according to the type of test is to be done.

Davide Cappelletto
C.P.S. di Ossola Andrea



At Philips Research we use LabVIEW for all automation of measurement setups for many years with no regrets. A keyword in writing software in research-projects is changing specs due to new insights and the easiest way to tackle this is to use solutions that can be changed and extended very easily within a robust and well-understood framework/architecture.

In the early days we have looked at Gmath to solve the math-part for our customers but the flexibility provided comes with a price... Itís slow, it's buggy but... it's written completely in G!

Other solutions we have seen drift away from the 'all G' idea but CalcExpress gives us the flexibility and speed we need, using 'as much of G' as possible. We can extend the function library with own functions, the variable manager is extendable with own variable types. CalcExpress gives us a very robust solution that can be part of the basis for a good application.

CalcExpress is a very valuable addition to my function palette !

Martin Vernhout
Philips Research



If you ever had problems with parsing "non static" equations at runtime in LabVIEW, please read on, your quest has just ended, you will not need to look any further.

I remember quite clearly when I first was introduced to CalcExpress. One of my colleagues told me about CalcExpress and said "Is this what we need to solve our problem with parsing equations at runtime". Having been a LabVIEW programmer since '97, my reflex reaction was "there is no such thing as an easy way to parse equations in LabVIEW" and I went on "the formula node is only useful, if you can hardcode the formulas needed in your software". But my colleague did not give up, and after weeks of telling me about CalcExpress, I gave in, and agreed to use a little time, and take a look at CalcExpress. Just 10 minutes later I was parsing dynamic equations using CalcExpress and my own formula parsing program in LabVIEW was scraped.

My advice to you is this: If you are using LabVIEW, and have a need for formula parsing, don't waste your time with the formula node (or HIQ scripts for that matter). Use CalcExpress instead.

Also CalcExpress is eminent at acting as a global (or local) variable container and has many many other features.

If you need this verified please email me at

Soren Jensen
Haldor Tospoe A/S



LabVIEW is a great tool for technical application development and data acquisition, but one powerful capability it lacks is interactive script processing. As a result, each time you want to modify your solution or try a different approach, you typically must stop your VI, modify the block diagram, and start over again, running and testing the new iteration. This stop-and-go workflow can make LabVIEW cumbersome for some types of technical application development, such as mathematical modeling, or early in the design phase when ideas are flowing freely.

CalcExpress overcomes these workflow limitations by adding a powerful and flexible script interpreter to the LabVIEW environment. With CalcExpress, you can try several different approaches without the numerous wire-and-rewire stages often associated with conventional LabVIEW development. This is particularly useful during the early problem analysis and design stages.

If you are looking for a way to add scripting flexibility to your LabVIEW workflow, CalcExpress is an ideal solution!

Dave Ritter
BetterVIEW Consulting















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