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What is CalcExpress

CalcExpress for LabVIEW toolkit is intended to provide LabVIEW applications with extended level of flexibility. It consists of a script processor, a formula parser and a sophisticated data management tool, every of which is fast, flexible and ready for use in multithreading environment. It also includes a set of VIs to solve some mathematical tasks, and several interactive tools that make your work more effective and convenient.

CalcExpress embedded into a LabVIEW application provides its flexible behavior that is desired in some kinds of applications, and especially required in research and prototyping projects. CalcExpress makes it possible to dynamically change the behavior of a running LabVIEW application and extend its capabilities with no need to revamp it. CalcExpress can be used for computation, signal processing, controlling data acquisition, executing control algorithms, data management and a lot of other purposes. It is very important that CalcExpress provides capability to extend its functionality by adding user-defined functions and data types.


Available on LabVIEW Tools Network


Current Release

CalcExpress 2.7.2

September 9, 2012


LabVIEW 2009 or later

OS: Windows


LabVIEW RealTime

OS: PharLap




CalcExpress Key Features
  • A CalcExpress script is a text stream that can be read from a front panel control, file, network connection, etc. Scripts can be edited at runtime; it does not require to modify a VI diagram.
  • A syntax of CalcExpress script is similar to the LabVIEW Formula Node and C language syntax. A CalcExpress script can involve loops, branches and jumps, along with expression statements.
  • Scripts are not restricted to computational functions, they can include all functions of a LabVIEW application; e.g. control of data acquisition devices, execution of VIs, interaction with users, etc.
  • As an addition, there is a set of fast and flexible VIs based on CalcExpress to solve some mathematical tasks; e.g. Levenberg-Marquardt curve fitting, searching for zeroes and extrema of a function, ODE solving, etc.
  • Interactive Script Processor utility lets you execute scripts immediately, without LV programming. It is very useful for quick computation and visualization of the results as well as for testing and debugging scripts of a deployed or run application.
  • CalcExpress is very fast; it can perform computation almost as fast as a pure G code does.
  • CalcExpress is reentrant and multithreaded. It can independently execute several scripts at a time.
  • CalcExpress operates on data of various types such as numeric scalars (real and complex), strings, and arrays thereof (one- and two-dimensional). Also, it is possible to operate on data of user-defined types.
  • CalcExpress operators and functions are polymorphic just as LabVIEW functions.
  • CalcExpress comes with more than 250 predefined functions to perform mathematical computations, signal processing, data manipulation, file operations, VI control and synchronization, interaction with user, etc.
  • User-defined CalcExpress functions can be implemented as VIs, called FuncVIs. With a use of the FuncVI mechanism, it is possible to easily implement a user-defined function of any complexity.
  • FuncVIs are dynamically loaded when it is required by the calling application. It significantly decreases memory requirements and provides applications with more flexibility.
  • CalcExpress operates on variables with the use of Variable Manager - a tool that provides both exclusive and cooperative access to variables for different parts of an application, including scripts. It also provides dynamical creating and destroying variables, collecting historical data of a variable and lots of other functions.


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